London Queer Fashion Show
21 September 2018
Deadline for applications: March 1st, 2018 Designers Show fee £250.00

London Queer Fashion Show exhibits the greatest new talent, the people who know that gender exists beyond the binary, that clothing does not exist in male and female forms.

The designers who are moving fashion forward to inspire and empower our city and society.
This event gives visibility to the diversity within our community, helping to break down gender norms and show that the queer community follows no rules.

The show will highlight designers who have been established for years, to the most exciting up and coming talent.
Apply to take part


What your brand's name?

Please provide a link to your website

Please provide a link to your brand's Instagram

Please provide a link to your brand's Facebook Page

What is your contact telephone number?

Please include country code, (e.g. +44 for UK, +1 for USA etc.)
Where are you headquartered and are you based in any other places?

Who is your brand for?

Any specific gender identity or sexuality etc. This show is open to brands for men and women and everywhere in between on the LGBTQ+ spectrum
What does your brand stand for?

E.g. why did you create the brand, is it aimed at solving a problem / helping certain demographics, what's your niche etc.
Do you have 10 looks for the show?

Are you bringing your own models?

Please note we aim to showcase diversity so they must be at least 50% people of colour and hold a range of gender identities.

Have you taken part in a fashion show before?

Which fashion show and do you have any recommendations on things that worked and didn't work?

Please let us know if it was a queer fashion show
Would you like to take part in the catwalk, the exhibition, or both?

The exhibition will include stalls where you can sell or showcase your brand/label/collection
How did you hear about the event?

Anything else you'd like to say?

Your application has been received.

Please give us time to respond with next steps as we are receiving a huge number of applications.
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